At Boston Bay Mussels, we catch the wild spat (baby blue mussels) and grow them out using New Zealand long line technology. The technique allows the mussels to grow in the water column between 3-30metres below the surface and well off the seafloor, which means the mussels are always clean and healthy and free from bottom dwelling predators. The resulting mussels are characteristically small, soft and sweet with a rich, creamy texture.

The mussel crops are closely monitored by our highly skilled marine crews to ensure the consistency of condition, flavour and texture throughout the entire growing process. Mussels are graded and cooled before heading to our Port Lincoln processing facility where they are scrubbed, cleaned and de-bearded, making the mussels ‘pot ready’. Our blue mussels are conditioned and cooled in oxygenated saltwater and packed in our unique Sea Sure packaging which replicates the mussels’ natural environment, keeping them live and stress-free. 



Live Pot Ready New Season Mussels with Cider and Creme Fraiche



All South Australian Mussels meet the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia’s (NASAA) Organic and Biodynamic Standard covers the organic supply chain – from input manufacturers, producers, processors to wholesale and retail operations – ensuring organic integrity 'from paddock to plate'. NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, and provides certification and audit services to the organic industry,

in Australian and internationally.

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